Cancer – A Basic Know How

Oh-So-Fatal – Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells pide uncontrollably, invading the surrounding tissues.

In 2008, 76 lakh people died of cancer, which constituted 13% of all deaths worldwide. The 5 most common types that kill men are cancers of lung, stomach, liver, colorectal and oesophagus; while those that kill women are cancers of breast, lung, stomach, colorectal and cervix. Up to 40% of all cancer deaths can be prevented by eliminating tobacco use, improving diets and physical activity, lowering alcohol consumption, eliminating workplace carcinogens and immunizing against Hepatitis B virus and human papillomavirus.

“Multiplication” is the Culprit Here Machines becoming self-conscious, multiplying beyond human control, and eventually declaring war against humanity – is a popular theme for science fiction stories and films.

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