Get Great Teeth! Read These Dental Care Tips

Teeth care

Brushing your teeth is an advice that is as old as time. It’s the most important tip to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue healthy. But is brushing alone enough to get you great white teeth? Most people would say that it is enough, but dentists beg to differ.

Brushing your teeth does a great job at removing the stains and the remaining pieces of food in your mouth. It also keeps you from getting bad breath and any gum infection. However, the bristles of your toothbrush can sometimes be ineffective in removing all the food debris between your teeth. At the same time, it can only do so much especially when your teeth are weak themselves.

It’s a good thing there are a lot more things you can do to supplement brushing your teeth. See this article for those tips.

Stock up on calcium

Calcium is responsible for keeping both your teeth and bones strong and healthy. It helps your teeth and bones endure impact and forceful movements. Having calcium deficiency can lead to your teeth becoming brittle, falling apart or susceptible to cracking. To avoid getting yourself into those instances, getting an ample amount of calcium is needed.

The best way to have more calcium is of course, drinking milk. You can also drink vitamins rich in calcium once daily. If you’re lactose intolerant you can opt to eat other foods that are rich in calcium. There are soybeans and yogurt that you can include in your diet. Having more of these will help you get the calcium you need to strengthen your teeth.

Soak up some Vitamin D

It’s useless to have all that calcium but not be able to use it. This is where vitamin D comes in. Vitamin D aids your body in absorbing the calcium it has. You can get a good dose of this vitamin by staying under the sun. But don’t forget to stay only when the sun isn’t scorching. You don’t want to catch skin cancer or irritation while you’re at it!

To maximize the time you have under the sun, you can choose to jog or to do some exercises. In that way, not only are you taking care of your teeth, but you are also exercising your muscles and helping increase blood circulation.

A good way to motivate you to getting more vitamin D is by playing games and sports outdoors. If you are fond of swimming, you can find an outdoor pool. If you like playing basketball, you can go to your community basketball court.

Eat foods that make you salivate

One of the major factors in taking care of your teeth are the bacteria found in your saliva. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down the food that you eat and turning them into useful minerals. Except when the food is filled with sugar, the bacteria in your saliva could convert them to acids that will harm your teeth and gums. But other than that, more saliva will help you break down your food faster.

There are foods that increase the saliva in your mouth. These foods are usually citrus foods or anything that is sour like lemons, vinegar, berries, etc. You can also use more water now because water helps increase the saliva in your mouth.

Use a fine-bristled toothbrush

Going back to brushing your teeth, you should know that brushing will only be effective if you do it properly. Doing it properly involves using the right tools.

To thoroughly clean your teeth, dentists suggest that you use one that has thin or fine bristles. These bristles can easily go between your teeth and remove anything stuck there. Of course, you can also use a dental floss for this. It would also be a great idea if your toothbrush has a tongue cleaner on the brush head. This will help brush off the residue on your tongue.

By now, you are probably sick of hearing your dentist or parents tell you to brush your teeth. Instead of just brushing, you now have more ways that will help you get whiter and stronger teeth. They may be simple so it’s easier to remember (or forget), but if you discipline yourself to follow through, then you will barely have any dental concern to be worried about.